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Create an Innovative Look With a Textured Paint Job

Are you bored with décor that's looked essentially the same even when you've painted your walls a different color or added new art work? Think about spicing things up with textured paint. There are lots of choices in colors, patterns and techniques, so it will be easy to find the right look for your particular home and taste. Some paints come with the texture built right in. They're thicker than regular paint and have the consistency of paint mixed with sand. These are applied much like regular paint so they eliminate the need for any sort of artistic talent, but they're heavier and must be applied evenly. You can also get a different look by applying regular paint, then using a variety of special techniques to provide the texture. Most paint stores sell an array of rollers, gloves and other tools that enable anyone to create a rich textured look. Follow the directions carefully and consider practicing your technique on a piece of plywood first until you feel confident. Textured paint is also a perfect solution for walls that are uneven or damaged. All those flaws will disappear under the textured finish. With some extra work, it's also possible to transform old fashioned paneling into a beautiful wall with a modern textured finish, but be sure to fill in the creases in the paneling before you start painting.