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House needs a paint job? Reconsider doing it yourself and hire a contractor

There are many reasons to bring in a professional painting contractor for your home's new paint job. One of the primary considerations is safety. Working from a high ladder or platform isn't for everyone. A contractor not only has more experience, but also owns the proper equipment to do the job safely, and knows how to set it up and use it. Another safety consideration comes into play if your home was built before 1978. Older homes might have lead-based paint, and a professional contractor can determine whether that’s the case and take the proper steps to handle the situation. Pro painters also understand all the steps needed to do the job right. Many homeowners get impatient and try to save time by skipping some of the preliminary steps necessary to prepare the surface and the materials before starting to slap on paint. A professional takes the time to prepare and to properly clean his brushes and other tools at the end of the day. A final reason is speed. If you’re not accustomed to painting, you're likely to waste time on multiple trips to the store to pick up forgotten materials, whereas a pro has everything he needs at his fingertips and can get the job done quickly.