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Change things up with a Faux Finish Paint Job

Few things perk up a tired-looking room like a new faux finish paint job. The biggest problem might be deciding what kind of look you want because there are so many styles from which to choose. One of the simplest techniques is rag rolling. This involves dipping a crumpled rag into a special glaze, then applying it to a wall or piece of furniture to create a mottled effect. Even the most inexperienced homeowner can learn to rag roll fairly easily. Color streaking is also a popular technique for do-it-yourselfers – apply glaze to a wall, then while it is still wet, drag a special tool along the wall to create even line patterns. Other tools and techniques can be used to create the appearance of wood grain on doors or furniture. There's no need to be an artist to achieve these dramatic effects. Instructions are available with faux finish products and on the Internet, and many paint and hardware stores offer classes. If you're still unsure, hire a contractor with plenty of experience and watch as your walls are transformed.